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You will laugh. You will cry. You will be uplifted.

Saskatchewan journalist Christalee Froese has brought to life her recovery from depression in her first book, Journey to Joy. The humour-laced memoir is bold and brave, following Froese on her two-year journey to restore her happiness…and her faith in life.

Through her heartbreaking, yet poetic, words we witness the writer stumble and fall and get back up again. Froese finds her true strength and courage at the same time that two souls in need of rescue in a Chinese orphanage find her.

Dr. Christine Majeran says you’ll want to “do this book” by following in Froese’s footsteps, choosing your own topics of joy and immersing yourself in each for 21 straight days.

Journey to Joy will restore your faith in miracles…and give you hope in the underlying goodness of mankind.

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