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More Joy Regina 2021 planned for Jan. 27, 2021 has been postponed until January, 2022. 

We are honoured to announce our keynote speakers for 2022:

Tyler Smith – Humboldt Broncos bus crash survivor whose mantra is, ‘It’s okay to not be okay’.

• CTV’s Warren Dean will be our MC

‘Out of the Shadows’ Panel featuring:

1 – Katie Strong—Domestic violence survivor and wellness advocate: “It’s simple. Life is made up of little awkward moments. Don’t allow the fear of feeling uncomfortable hold you back from having awkward conversations and asking the awkward questions. After all, we are all human, looking for human connection. So, let’s get uncomfortable together.”

2 – Lisa Boehm—Author of Journey to Healing: “Four years ago the carpet was pulled out from under me. I am an author, speaker, and bereaved mother offering encouragement and hope to parents who have lost a child.”

3 – Mike & Jessie Leigh Johnson—Conquering alcoholism & anxiety as a couple

4 – Kelsey Czerwonka—Tackling an eating disorder

5 – Lana Wyatt—Post-partum depression

6 – TBA – Father who is winning the depression/anxiety battle

Tea Bar, Cookie Bar, Science Centre Photo Booths, Mental Health Info. Booths


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