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It’s a dance class. It’s a mental health support group. It’s a community. It’s JOY!

This package includes $30 T-shirt and $55 worth of ‘LOCAL’ SWAG:
– Harmony Calm & Joy Tea by Dr. Wendy, 40g bag—Windthorst, SK
– More Joy ‘Sunshine’ Essential Oil, 15 ml by Salisbury Lane – Wolseley, SK
– 3 More Joy ‘Sunshine’ Bathbombs by Salisbury Lane – Wolseley, SK

This six-week ‘whole-body experience’ consists of six, 45-minute dance classes where you’ll learn choreography for a final public ‘FLASH MOB’ (optional)! We will perform our FLASH MOB at the Cornwall Centre on Thursday, Nov. 4 to thank frontline workers.

Classes will be held via video on our private Facebook page where you’ll find instructor Maria Kary (dance instructor, school teacher and Rider cheerleader). She will post the video of the week with 45 minutes of dance instruction which you can watch any time. Maria’s dance style will combines jazz, ballet and hip hop to provide fun and easy fitness. You are asked to practice the video at least 2 more times per week to build your fitness level.

The Facebook page will also have weekly videos with mental health professionals, as well as a support group provided by your fellow dancers. We invite you to post photos of your progress, tell us about the good days and the bad days, and generally connect with us so we can help you add MORE JOY to your life!


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