Dr. Christine Majeran, Chiropractor and Certified Life Coach, says:Unknown

This is “Eat, Pray, Love” for the rest of us. Don’t just read this book. DO this book.

In Journey to Joy, Christalee figures out what too many of us never really understand: that happiness isn’t “out there”, that joy isn’t a thing that you go find somewhere, that it’s not behind the next promotion, the bigger house, the smaller butt.  It’s something we create ourselves, with the thoughts we choose to think and the actions we choose to take.  

Maybe you’ve already read a lot of self-help books but nothing has changed.  That’s why I say don’t just read this book.  DO this book!  Create your own Journey to Joy using her blueprint.  Write your own list and spend 21 days on each topic.  Maybe yours will look a lot like hers, maybe it will be completely different, but the important thing is that it’s your list and that you DO it.  We can learn things intellectually but until we actually apply them, we won’t really “know” them and own them.  Clarity comes from doing, not just reading and thinking.    

Christalee reminds us to actively create our lives, rather than just sleep walking through our days, reacting to everything that happens to us. And she reminds us to listen to that inner voice, to trust our essential self. We just have to get quiet enough to hear it and brave enough to follow.

Renate Selinger, Social Worker, says:IMG_9245

As a seeker and a helper, I absolutely LOVED reading Journey to Joy!  What a gift this is to the readers everywhere…

Christalee has opened her heart, mind and soul to everyone who finds themselves opening this book.  She has shown us vulnerability at its rawest moments in her book by sharing her truth, her rock bottom times, her times of great joy and her times of challenges and battles, including those with the inner critic we all know.  Her writing is relatable, witty and emotional and also comes with regular giggles as her exuberant personality shines through.

Christalee shows us that through her darkest times in her life, her toughest challenges with depression, anxiety and the inner critic, that there is some light to be found.  We all have our own critic, challenges and moments of darkness and light, and this book brings that all together, and shows us how we can also rise up and reset.  Great soul searching is key to many things life throws in our way, and this book shows readers how to create new habits, how to find some inner light, tapping into our own strength and resilience, while calmly understanding there is no right or wrong.  There is a feel the fear and face it anyway and please laugh and love along the waytype tone that resonates with this book.

I am reminded that most people, well I think all people, just want to feel that they can say they are happy in life.  Christalee shows us that feeling happy can be found in simple moments of joy, peace and presence.  This book is a treasure, and I am excited to read it again.  I know this book will bring gifts in abundance of joy, gratitude, change and light to all of the lucky readers.

Elizabeth Braul, Teacher, says:21728190_10155889835601282_8864983582283143700_n

Christalee let me see an advance copy of her book when I was in the lowest moment of my life, completely heartbroken over my unfulfilled dream to have children. Her book was a tiny light at the end of a very dark, long tunnel and I am so forever grateful for the message of calm, light, love, self acceptance and moving forward through grief. Her honest, thoughtful words gave me a measure of peace and hope back.



Chantal Romanow, business woman, says:

The book Journey to Joy came into my life as my thoughts were in, to say the least, turmoil! I thought I was the only woman going through this journey so when Christalee asked me to read her book, I truly had no idea how deep and profound of a book it would be for me.

I was deep into personal development books already but her book was different because it came from a mom, a woman, a real experience and it shared her struggles and her journey. It gave me permission to be okay with my thoughts, to see the parelle of life and the choices we all have in our journey. In her book I took away my most important lesson–Breath and Meditation. When I find my breath, I find space and in the space I take time to find my joy. The breath cleanes the worries and thoughts and my awareness turn to finding joy. In this space life slowed down that it gave me permission to heal and connect with God and life moments.

It is still a work in progress as every journey, but making this a habit has allowed the joy in life to be found. Sharing her journey gave me grace and understanding because although our lives are different, somehow the jouney to find joy is a search for many of us.