It has always been my dream to have the MORE JOY MOVEMENT make a REAL IMPACT on mental health.
Over the last two years with More Joy events (1,200 attended) and More Joy Challenge on Facebook (1,700 participants), I guess you could say we’ve been having an impact. But I’m never REALLY SURE just how big that impact is, and it’s hard to see a direct result.

However, in the last several months we began DIRECTLY FUNDING counselling for one of our More Joy Challenge members who was suffering with their mental health. Funding for the sessions have all been generated from the sale of our More Joy Masks. Here is what he writes after having had four sessions with our resident Life Coach Dr. Christine Majeran.

“I am truly blessed. What a God-send opportunity it is to work with Christine. After working hard on rebuilding myself for three years including regularly seeing a counsellor, I needed one final step, but what was the step? Christine is there to show me as we find out together. Christine has told me, “I have all the answers.” I just need to figure out to filter them: i.e. what does it mean, what is useful, what isn’t helpful, while getting rid of old and counterproductive logic and thinking. She isn’t telling me what to do, she is telling me how to figure it out on my own. Perfect, I do have all the answers. I am confident I will find what the true answer is for me. Bless you Christalee and More Joy Challenge. Not enough words to tell you how grateful I am.”

So, we’re having a direct impact—one mask at a time. I couldn’t be happier.

We are looking for the next candidate to be part of our funded counselling program—they can choose our life coach or our registered psychologist to connect with for four sessions paid for by the More Joy Movement ($500 – $600 value).

So please buy a mask—they will protect you, and they will help someone in need too. It’s the ultimate win-win in this trying Covid time!


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