What you get:

• Well, we hope MORE JOY: The idea is to do things that make you happy & fulfilled, no matter how little time you have, or how busy you are. It’s time to schedule YOU & your desires into your life. Start MONTH 1 with doing your chosen topic of joy for 21 days in a row. You’ll then have a week or so to prepare for MONTH 2. We’ll do the challenge together for 12 MONTHS.

SUPPORT: Britney Fisher, a busy mother of three, has agreed to lead us through the More Joy Challenge so we can see someone’s real-life struggles and desires. The idea here is to bring us all together so we can cheerlead, support and surprise each other with our vulnerability … and our strength!

PRIZES: 1 – Monthly JOY BOMBS: Journey to Joy book, journals, bath bombs, calming teas & oils, mugs & more! Join us HERE & simply post your topic for the month to be entered.
2 – GRAND PRIZE: One-week stay in at Seventh Heaven Mountain House in Cranbrook, B.C. Join us HERE,share some posts from your journey and you’ll be entered.

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