Last week, my blog post was about Adam Herold, the 16-year-old hockey player from my hometown who lost his life in the Humboldt bus crash on April 6. I received this message in reply.

“Thank you for this message. We lost our son Troy, daughter-in-law Carissa and our grandchildren Kael, Shea and Maks in a horrific car accident on June 29th. As difficult as it has been we try to be grateful for something each day and we cherish the time we had with our precious family. ❤️”                                       – Kelly Gasper

There are no words…not even I, a writer by profession, have words.

All I have is sympathy, and prayers, and the power to pass this message along so we can all witness the resilience of the human spirit.

I give thanks today for those who so openly share their sorrow, and their human-ness, yet retain their ability to be grateful.

Thank you Kelly—I will hug my family tighter today. I will not worry about homework being done, or the dishes being washed. I will simply be grateful.


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