The book Journey to Joy came into my life as my thoughts were in, to say the least, turmoil! I thought I was the only woman going through this journey so when Christalee asked me to read her book, I truly had no idea how deep and profound of a book it would be for me.

I was deep into personal development books already but her book was different because it came from a mom, a woman, a real experience and it shared her struggles and her journey. It gave me permission to be okay with my thoughts, to see the parelle of life and the choices we all have in our journey. In her book I took away my most important lesson–Breath and Meditation. When I find my breath, I find space and in the space I take time to find my joy. The breath cleanes the worries and thoughts and my awareness turn to finding joy. In this space life slowed down that it gave me permission to heal and connect with God and life moments.

It is still a work in progress as every journey, but making this a habit has allowed the joy in life to be found. Sharing her journey gave me grace and understanding because although our lives are different, somehow the jouney to find joy is a search for many of us.  —Chantal Romanow


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