Message from Macy’s mom:
We are in Guangzhou, China and had Macy’s medical appointment yesterday.  She didn’t even fuss when they drew blood for the TB test.  She has been so good and so much fun!  She has quite the personality and is learning things so fast.  She says several words in English and pronounces them very well.  She loves to look at herself in the mirror and dance.  She can shake her little booty and is very proud of her dance moves.  Lol!  She has obviously been well cared for!
We are planning to go to the zoo today (It is Sunday here already.)  I think she is going to love it.  It is so fun seeing her experience things for the first time.  Her iet at the orphanage consiste of infant rice cereal with infant formula three times a day and rice once and noodles once and that is it.  She has now tried lots of different foods although it has taken lots of coaxing.  Yesterday she had McDonald’s french fries!
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