Chinese orphan Mei Chen, who is now five years old, will meet her new family in 10 days. The Schultz family has officially adopted Mei Chen, giving her a beautiful new name ‘MACY SCHULTZ’

The Wisconsin, USA husband-and-wife team will travel to China on Oct. 20 and will receive their down syndrome daughter shortly after.

We are thrilled and so excited for the Schultz’s! Meeting Journey for the first time almost four years ago, was a life-changing moment we will never forget. It will be magic to see Macy learn how to hug for the first time, give kisses, and eat new food like strawberries and chocolate.

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To the people of Montmartre & area, and to the supporters of Racers For Orphans with Down Syndrome, I say a tearful thank you for donating SO GENEROUSLY to the cause of finding Mei Chen a mother and a father. Your caring has changed lives. Let’s watch this remarkable live-changing event unfold together!!!!!!!


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