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Somehow along the way, I subconsciously adopted the theory that I needed to ‘BECOME SOMETHING’… a writer, a doer, a thinker, a mother, a yogi, a saint, etc. But what I’ve learned in the past two years along my Journey to Joy is that I ALREADY AM ALL I’LL EVER NEED TO BE, I just have to be in contact with that grace, that true nature, that essential version of myself.

Before my Journey to Joy, I was an expert at believing I needed to evolve, so, I became a constant gatherer of anything that would help me in this exhausting endeavour – knowledge, things, facts, people. I liked to form theories on how to live my life best, I liked to have things that made me feel comfortable and I liked to be smart, funny and engaging. Now that I see my only job as letting all of that go … all of the hunting, the gathering, the wanting and the becoming … I can just be what has always been there in my genetic composition – me. It doesn’t matter if my weakness for destitute cats and orphans is frowned upon or that my love of writing hasn’t made me millions or that my jeans are too tight or that I’m a nervous breakdown survivor. My sole purpose is to shed any label, title or belief system that makes me something other than the me who chooses my true desires as they arise.

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