We are in the home stretch to find Mei Chen a forever family. All of her paperwork has been completed and now we wait for approval from the Chinese government. Here is Mei’s latest documents from China – beautiful and heartbreaking all at once:

IMGP0647The Growth Development Report of Chen Mei

Chen Mei, Female, was found and picked up at the gate of the People’s Hospital of Xiajiang County on Aug. 24, 2009. In the morning of Aug. 24,2009, Wu Ronghua, who works at the People’s Hospital of Xiajiang County, on her way to work, she found a baby, who was crying in a paper box at the gate of the hospital.  She called the police and report all to the Shuibian sub-police station of the Public Security Bureau of Xiajiang county immediately.  The policeman searched around and did lots of investigations, they couldn’t found the baby’s birthparents and relatives, they confirmed that the baby was a abandoned baby. On the same day, Ms. Wu Ronghua and policeman brought the baby into the Institute, since then, the baby was in the care of the Social Welfare Institute of Xiajiang County.

When the baby was first brought into our Institute, we found she was put in a paper box, melon-shape face, fair skin, thin hair at the time. There were one milk-bottle, a small bag of milk powered with her in the box. We sent her to the People’s Hospital of the county immediately ,then doctor gave her whole medical check, the result was: four limbs were a little soft, Hepatitis B test was “positive”, a Down Syndrome baby, and other medical tests were normal. According to the whole physical status of the baby, the doctor presumed that baby was new born on the day. So, our director named her Chen Mei and her birthday was Aug. 24, 2009.

Chen Mei’s physical development is average , compare to the other. Under the good care of the caretakers, she sucked very well , cried loudly, eyes moved by following the moving objects, could turn around when been called, sometimes smiled sweetly,  could listen to the sound which was happened nearby when she was the time of 1—6 months.

At the period of 6—12months,  she was afraid of strangers, cried, could turn over by herself when lies in bed, walked smoothly when she was in the walker, would find toys and play with other children who is the almost same age as her.

From 12—to 24 months, she could sit well by herself and picked cookies up , fed herself . was happy to play with other children by passing the toys and made big noisy, sometimes, go take food or catch toys by doing competition , she knew that who is nice or not nice to her .   

When she grows at the time of 24—48 months, she learned to walk by holding the walker handle, later, she could walk around by supporting,  stand for a while by herself, could understand what the adults said, do the body language of “welcome, hello, bye-bye” . likes watching Tv, and show imitation of what the caretakers’ actions.

 Now, Chen Mei become more and more happy girl, listen to the adults, can say “mama, baba”, walk and play around, can count the number of 1, 2. and also can help the caretakers do some housework, such as: fetch and fold baby’s diaper, pour out baby’s potty. When caretakers call the other children, she knows who she (he) is , but Chen Mei can not say their names. Now she is becoming more and more beautiful, all people like her when they come see these children.

Now Chen Mei’s main food still is the milk powered(the brand : Bei yin mei) and rice cereal(Huai shan) which mix together, she also eat congee, noodles, rice, steamed bread, some cookies. She takes the bottle of 300ml every time, the regular meal time is:  8:00, 11:00(rice), 14:00, 16:30(rice), 19:30. she gets up at 7:00, naptime :12:00—14:00, go to sleep 20:30.  go do poo-poo twice a day , and peepee many times. Sleeps soundly on her back. Chen Mei has got vaccines shots already, now she is a lovely, active, busy girl.

 The social welfare institute of Xiajiang county

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