This month, my 21days2joy topic chose me, as it has a habit of doing. It was actually these five kittens who chose me, and so my joy-generating subject for June is PETS. IMG_7415


1 – Can pets really generate joy?
2 – Do you have a good home for any of these cats (seriously)?

Here’s how the cats chose me:

I promised myself I wouldn’t get attached.

I took one look at the batch of adorable barn kittens and I firmly told myself, ‘you are not getting attached!’

But purely out of concern for my two-year-old daughter, I had to show her the cute little fluff balls in shades of black, white and grey. It was a life lesson. It was an interesting look at nature. It was an education on reproduction.

And purely out of concern for my daughter’s two little friends, I had to take them to see the baby kittens. And since they were keen on holding the baby kittens, I had to place them gently in their arms. And because the cute little beasts were clawing the kids to pieces, I had to take them in my arms and sooth them. Singing into their tiny little ears seemed to work best.

And purely out of concern for my 12-year-old niece, I had to take her to see the new batch of kittens. I had to look into their cute little kitty eyes and see that their eyelids weren’t opening properly. I had to promise myself that I would not return to the barn to clean the eyes of the cats because once one starts this kind of thing, one could get attached.

So, purely out of concern for my niece’s feelings, I returned with her to the barn with a pail of warm water and a box of Q-tips. Because my niece is a city girl and not accustomed to meowling little kittens, I cradled them gently in my lap while we washed their eyes.

Purely out of concern for the kittens, I washed their eyes a second time. I had lots of water and lots of Q-tips and I could see that the crust on their eyes was beginning to soften.

 My niece decided to name one of the white runts of the litter Trinity. If I were attached to these scrawny little cats, I would have called the other four Faith, Hope, Charity, and … nothing (because I wasn’t about to name these kittens and get attached)!

The next day, after my niece returned to her home, I went to the farm by myself to wash the eyes of the kittens. I wasn’t attached, I just wanted to check on the little milk-suckers to make sure we hadn’t done more damage than good to their eyes.

Their eyes were still a little mucky.

So, I went home, boiled some water and returned to the farm with my mobile eye-cleaning station for kittens. By this time, the fur balls were used to the process and actually seemed to enjoy it. One little grey fella, let’s just call him Hope for the heck of it, would lay serenely on his back and let me pour water right onto his eyelids.

Then it appeared to me that the little white one was getting skinnier while Faith, Hope, Charity and ‘Greedy Gus’ were getting fatter and fatter. So, I had to stay a little longer to fight off the four ‘roly-polies’ while Trinity got her fair share of supper.

And purely out of concern for my daughter’s feelings, I had to take her to see the kittens again and show her how tame they were getting. And now that they are so tame, I’m thinking they would make wonderful house cats.

So, I’d just like to take this opportunity to put out a few ‘feelers’ and see if anyone would be interested in adopting Trinity, Faith, Hope, Charity and Gus (seriously – email me at

But just to set the record straight, I’m not attached!

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