I thought FOOD would be a piece of cake – it was! It was actually many pieces of cake, and sides of pork and boxes of chocolates. I didn’t gain any weight (because I didn’t weigh myself) and I only increased my pant size by 2. Oh well – all in the name of ‘scientific’ research.

Here’s what I did for 21 days of FOOD:

• Made anything I wanted, whenever I wanted to … and ate it!

• Tasted, really tasted.

• Made a five-course meal for friends (crab-stuffed mushrooms, mango-spinach salad, fresh carrots and asparagus tossed with buttered almonds, portobello-stuffed pork tenderloin in a parmesan garlic cream with handmade spatzle, chocolate mouse with red wine/raspberry reduction).

• Tried to master chocolate mousse (failed – three times in a row – that’s approx. 6 cups of whipping cream later).

• Created a self-serve eggs Benedict bar for family featuring my first non-packaged Hollandaise sauce (little thick, but pretty good)


• Made marshmallow lollipops with Journey (photo)

• Made up any excuse in the book to have people over to eat (ie/. celebrating our neighbour’s 67-and-a-half birthday)

Conclusions I reached:

• Food is a miracle. When you stop to look at each thing you might eat in a day, taste it, witness its colour, examine it’s various shapes and textures. It’s just a miracle. And … it keeps you alive – miraculous.

• Tasting, really tasting, is something I rarely do. I stopped often on my 21 days of FOOD journey to really taste & feel my food – the sweet explosion of honey on the tongue, the warmth of coffee on my palate, the explosion of sour from a lemon. Taking time to taste helps me honour, appreciate and truly en’joy’ the food I’ve eaten.

• I take food for granted. I do not think of what it took to make it, where it came from, how it got here, if others have some. I’m so focused on satisfying my latest craving, that I’ve totally lost consciousness of the life-giving value food is to my body.

• I don’t have to fear food (but somehow I’ve been trained to). When I think of those who might not have enough, I loath my guilt for eating 10 Lindor chocolates in a row. The shift here has led me to en’joy’ what I have more often without the thought of the almighty scale.

• There’s always, always a reason to be uplifted by food. The fact that we have it in such abundance is a joy-giving thought all on its own.

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